I was expecting the same old thing when I went to see Kong Skull Island, however it was much different than the Kong movies of the past, we still maintaining the general idea of the previous movies. Let me break it down doing my best not to play spoiler.
There is no kidnapping of this Kong…He is the size of a building. Maybe 50 feet tall! So tall and big that he grabs helicopters from the air and smashes them. Other animals in the movie are supersized as well including a spider and octopus. This makes the movie quite stunning, especially on the big screen.
The love story between Kong and a female character is there…but it isn’t. In this installment of the movie Brie Larson plays the lead female role. In past King Kong movies Kong and the woman are left alone for a period of time and Kong develops an affection for the women. He then searches for her throughout the city streets after he is kidnapped and brought back to states. In this version Kong is face to face with the female character a couple times and obviously doesn’t want to harm her, and even lets her touch his face, but that is all. This was a good step back from the previous movies…I mean as sweet as he may be Kong is scary as hell no matter who you are.
You end up rooting for Kong, in all the previous King Kong movies there is a point where you feel terrible for what is happening to Kong and root for him to defeat the villain. This may be the biggest similarity to the other Kong installments, but it is needed as you can’t want Kong to lose.
So I hope i did a decent job saying how it is different, without giving too much away. I would highly recommend that anyone see this movie on the big screen. It gets 4.1 out 5 stars in the Spachman movie rating system.