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Shawn Powers

Now that I’ve been here for a bit & am settling in nicely with Tina on “That Show” in the morning, I can tell you all about MEEEEE!!!!

Moved to Mt. Pleasant this summer from Terre Haute, Indiana.  Been in radio 27 years (all over the country). Originally from Toledo, OH. I am a guy who loves to have fun & invites you into our daily conversation…regardless of what we’re talking about.

Married with Children (like Al Bundy). (2) wonderful kids (then again, most ppl say their kids are wonderful–haha).

Things I like to do when I’m not loitering at work:  Love playing golf (watching it on TV is borrrr-ing). I do enjoy spending time in the yard (not the rec yard in a prison, but doing landscaping stuff, etc). I live, breath, eat, sleep & nap Michigan Wolverines Football! I enjoy helping out local businesses, like The Tribe, keeping local dollars, local (Basically, I enjoy play time at the casino).  Going to see movies is alot of fun (Large refillable popcorn & raisinettes are my favs).

Most days you’ll find me walking around aimlessly quoting movies from all time periods-especially comedies.  Chillin on Netflix (Family Guy, mostly) and goin after that “paper” aka–‘cheddar’ – aka–MONEY!

My faith is a HUGE part of who I am & I love to contemplate the meaning of life with others. I love hanging out and meeting new people & just being myself.  Popcorn (movie theater is thee best)…

My favorite color is Green.  My favorite holiday is Christmas. My favorite day of the week is anyday I get to come in & play radio. My favorite movies are: Blood In, Blood Out; Borat, 80s John Hughes flicks, Shawshank Redemption, Dumb & Dumber, Raising Arizona, Jaws, Can’t Buy Me Love. My favorite month of the year is September (it’s fall, football & my birth month). My favorite artist or group is whomever I’m in the mood to listen to at that moment.

I’ll write more later if & when I get creative. LOL  Enjoy your day!