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Thursday, July 20, 2017
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Shawn Powers

Hola!  I’m the “New Guy” on “That Show” with Tina, in the morning.

Just moved to Mt. Pleasant from Terre Haute, IN.  Been in radio 27 years (all over the country). Originally from Toledo, OH. I am a guy who loves to have fun & invites you into our daily conversation…regardless of what we’re talking about.

Married with Children (like Al Bundy). (2) wonderful kids (then again, most ppl say their kids are wonderful–haha).

Hobbies:  Golf, cutting grass/landscaping, quoting movies from all time periods-especially comedies & 90s gangsta movies. Chillin on Netflix (Family Guy, mostly) and goin after that “paper” aka–‘cheddar!’

Loves: God (gotta give it up for the one who created me); Family, Michigan Wolverine Football (I eat, breathe & sleep #GoBlue during the season). Popcorn (movie theater is thee best)…Raisinettes, Big Steak Dinner from Texas Roadhouse, Netflix, Golf, and PEOPLE!  Even crazy ones, like myself.