MY1043 & Soldan’s Pet Supplies “Tail of the Week!”

MY1043 and Soldan's Pet Supplies are giving you the chance to become forever parents to a furry little friend from Humane Animal Treatment Society here in Mt. Pleasant! Each Friday morning, Tina & Shawn on...

MY1043s GI Tech Center Student of the Month

  It’s always a rewarding feeling honoring those youngsters who go above and beyond as teenagers.  The kids that play sports, have straight A’s, and even hold down a part-time job, or that older brother/sister...
High School basketball

High School Basketball On My 1043!

Warm up that jumper, because High School basketball is in action, live on My 1043. Chris Spachman brings you coverage of our local girls and boys teams each week all the way to the state finals...


Tina Sawyer from That Show, Weekdays 6-10am.
Shawn Powers, from That Show, weekdays 6-10am.
John Tesh
Intelligence for Your Life with John Tesh, Weekdays 10am-3pm.
Chris Spachman My 1043
Chris Spachman weekdays 3-8pm, weekends 10am-3pm.


Sacred Heart high school girls basketball

High School Season and District Outlook for My1043 Teams

My1043 is proud to be Mid Michigan's #1 home for high school sports following Beal City, Mt Pleasant, Mt Pleasant Sacred Heart, Shepherd, and...


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    February 23, 2018 @ 7:30 pm-February 25, 2018 @ 10:30 pm

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Governor Proposes State Education Plan

Governor Rick Snyder wants Michigan to spend an additional $100 million to educate students who can fill jobs in professional trades, information technology and...

Possible Tuberculosis Exposure in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities in three southwest Michigan counties have been notified by the state that workers may have been in close contact with a healthcare...


Chevy Chase Assaulted During Road Rage Incident

Comedian Chevy Chase was involved in a road rage incident in New York recently. He was driving on the Tappan Zee Bridge as a...

Parks and Rec Cast and Crew Unhappy with NRA’s Tweet

The National Rifle Association used a GIF from the show Parks and Recreation in a recent tweet, and the cast and crew are not...

Jane Seymour to Pose for Playboy

Actress will pose for Playboy Magazine for the third time at the age of 67. She spoke out about it saying that she feels...

Are You an Online Troll? It’s Okay Just Be Positive

We've all seen the posts...Why would your friend post that knowing all the negative comments they are going to get.  At this point you've...

article & photos courtesy of NBC News Emma Gibson was conceived in 1992 but not born until 2017. Gibson, born November 25, was frozen as an...
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