Taking Chance movie poster

Last night as I scrolled through HBO Go for a movie to watch… I was struggling as we all have, but I decided on a movie titled Taking Chance. I had never heard of it before, but I was a little intrigued as I Love true stories, especially those involving war. Kevin Bacon stars as high ranking Marine Lt. Colonel Michael Strobl who appears to be a marine who has become comfortable behind the desk. Every night he wakes up and checks the casualty list to see if anyone he knows has fallen in Iraq. When a soldier from his hometown appears, he feels compelled to be the escort (the member of military who delivers the body to the family).

Upon leaving for his destination he finds that he is not going to his hometown, but reluctantly accepts to make the trip to Dubois, Wyoming. The trip is what is really touching about this movie. The respect that Lt. Colonel Strobl is shown throughout his trip reminds me of why America is great. We don’t always support what goes on in our government, but when it comes to supporting each other as Americans we all become family.

He was bumped to first class when initially picking up his ticket and the woman at the counter thanked him for his service. When getting on and off flights, the baggage crews all gathered around as the box containing the casket was loaded or unloaded. During this time all members of the crew removed their hats and stood in silence as Lt. Colonel Strobl saluted. One flight attendant gave Lt. Colonel Strobl a crucifix charm to take with him, which he ultimately gave to the family.

On a layover he would not leave the casket and go to his hotel. He was allowed to stay in the shipping container area overnight, and an employee from the airport went out of his way to bring Lt. Colonel Strobl an air mattress to sleep on.

There are many other touching moments like those in the movie that I think make it a great watch. Now I don’t want to spoil the entire plot as I would like to encourage others to watch it. So, if you want to watch a true military story that doesn’t have blood and guts, but instead may make you shed a tear. I highly recommend watching Taking Chance.