Oracle Gives $3 Million to Fund Science Education

Business software company Oracle has teamed up with the White House to donate money to help girls learn science, math and technology. Definitely a great cause, because the US is lacking in education, especially...

$19.5 Million Going to Health Studies At CMU

Central Michigan University will receive $19.5 million to build a new Center for Integrated Health Studies. The center will allow expansion of CMU's physical therapy, physician assistant, audiology and speech-language pathology programs, which have...

Docs Against Crocs

  Doctors are now saying what we have always thought: Crocs are bad for your health! Tina talks about it this morning on That Show! Plus, Canada changing national anthem into something gender-neutral, Miss USA...
dna hiv

HIV Cure Could Be In The Works

Science is a wonderful thing; it can help us find the answer to almost any question we may have. One of the major questions we want answered is how can we cure a certain...

Science Explains Why Asparagus Makes Our Pee Smell

Why does asparagus make our pee smell? If you're like me and don't care to sift through pages and pages of scientific literature, this clever video should help provide some answers!

The Science Behind Your Grilled Cheese

Here's everything and more you could have ever wanted to know about that grilled cheese you had for lunch today. Enjoy!
math kid

Can You Solve This Math Problem?

If you thought The Dress was frustrating, you might meet your match here. A math question for Singapore high school students has gone viral with people scratching their heads and questioning their logic alike. Observe: Stumped?...
five second rule

Five Second Rule Debate Ended

That's right, Australian scientists have finally ended the age old five second rule debate on whether or not it's okay to live by or not and unfortunately there is some bad news - it's...

Georgia Lawmaker Says NO to Glowing Embryos

Possibly the most bizarre news article I’ve read in the past couple of months, a Georgia lawmaker is taking a stand and making sure all embryos are treated the right way. But what exactly...