Alpena County (

Alpena just might be the weekend getaway you needed, even in the winter.  With wineries, breweries, beautiful lighthouses, and the amazing Lake Huron coast there is no shortage of sights and fun in Alpena county.  Here are just a few highlights of what awaits in beautiful Alplena County.

There are plenty of wineries to visit; including Stoney Acres, but if you want to do the wine tour right you need a book a trip for you and your friends through Sunrise Side Wine & Hops Trail.  The tour visits breweries, wineries, and about anything else you want along Michigan’s East coast.

Jesse Besser Museum

Just looking for something beautiful to look at…Check out the historic homes on Washington St in Alpena, or just take a drive up US-23 or US-32.  One stop that must be made is the Jesse Besser Museum to visit the Planetarium.  Another must stop is the Alpena Light lighthouse nick named Sputnik, a lighthouse unlike others in Michigan.  There are                                                also a bevy of parks to visit too.

Negwegon State Park (WCMU)

Negwegon State Park is huge, with 2,500 acres on Lake Huron.  Camping in only permitted in certain locations and the park is very natural or undeveloped (depending on how you want to look at it).  Check out the map of Negwegon State Park.


Island Park & Wildlife Sanctuary (Amy Lijewski)

I feel that I saved the best place for last, located essentially in the heart of Alpena, is the Island Park & Wildlife Nature Center.  This 17 acre island in the Thunder Bay River is stunning.  There is a bridge connecting the Nature Center and Duck Park.  Parts of the island are even handicap accessible.  Canoes and kayaks are also available for rent when warmer weather arrives.  However, don’t let the cold scare you from visiting Alpena in the winter…There will be no crowds and those winter views can be even more stunning the summer.