Montcalm County car horse and buggy accident
(Montcalm County Sheriff)

article courtesy of 9and10 News

Four people were hurt when two cars hit each other head-on in Big Rapids.

The Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office says one car was turning out of Walmart on Perry Street at around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon when it was hit.

The car then was hit by a third car.

The fire chief says two people in the black car were pinned inside, and crews had to cut them out.

He says they have non-life-threatening injuries, as well as the driver and passenger in the second car.

The captain says the situation could have ended much worse.

“We’re very lucky. This is probably the worst strip in our region, in our fire district. That intersection you see back there is the largest and busiest intersection in Mecosta County. We are out here for these intersections, unfortunately, at a regular basis,” says captain of Big Rapids Fire Department, Jim Chapman.

The crash remains under investigation.