Artist's impression of Quetzalcoatlus (Stock)

A monster, meat-eating flying reptile that had a wingspan of a small airplane, could walk on all fours and stalked its prey on land has been found in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.  Luckily, for us k, this pterosaur is dead. The fossils found are believed to be seventy million years old.

Artist’s impression of Quetzalcoatlus (Stock)

The 36-foot wingspan, would have been something  to see! “It might have been a robust, formidable predator,” Mark Witton an expert on pterosaurs said,  yeah I am pretty sure this animal would have been terrifying. “They seem to be feeding on things on the ground and are generalist in their ability to grab basically whatever they can fit in their beaks,” Witton went on to say.  Due to incomplete remains a new species has not been named.  I feel like we are lucky to have never seen this creature.   What is the most terrifying animal to encounter today?  I’m going with polar bear on land and anything big in the ocean would scare the bejeeepers out of me.