Corey Feldman Says Cops Knew Abusers

Feldman sits down with Today Show for candid interview

Corey Feldman says he revealed the names of his abusers years ago, but at the time, the cops were only interested in nailing Michael Jackson. He was on yesterday’s edition of Today to talk his campaign to raise $10-million dollars to expose pedophiles in Hollywood.

Corey told Matt Lauer that police in Santa Barbara questioned him in MJ’s child molestation case in 1993. While he named his actual abusers, they didn’t deal with them because the focus was on the late King of Pop. Matt asked why he wouldn’t go to the cops now, and Corey cited the California statute of limitations and the fact that he’s afraid for his life. Part of the money he’s trying to raise would be to hire lawyers and security for himself.

The way Feldman sees it, thousands of people know who the pedophiles are. Also, the scandals involving Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spaceyare “just the tip of the iceberg.”

Source: Today