Isabella County Courthouse
(The Morning Sun)

courtesy of The Morning Sun

A former Isabella County employee is scheduled to be sentenced later this month for embezzlement and other crimes from the commission on aging.

Marcy Lynn Hosking, 45, of Union Township is set to be sentenced by Judge Mark Duthie Sept. 19 at 8:45 a.m.

Hosking was originally charged with using a computer to commit a crime, a four-year felony; tampering with evidence, a four-year felony; and embezzlement between $200 and $1,000, a one-year misdemeanor.

She pleaded guilty to embezzlement between $200 and $1,000 and using a computer to commit a crime less than one year, both misdemeanors, according to court records.

Hosking was accused of on several occasions allowing relatives and friends to go on paid trips through the COA without paying or going at discounted rates, according to court records.

Isabella County Commission on Aging Director Brenda Upton approached Hosking in February about a trip to Mackinac Island that happened in September 2016, according to court records.

Paperwork showed that there were 53 people on the trip, and Hosking went free of charge because of her position at the COA and because she set up the trip, according to court records.

A trip roster showed that one of Hosking’s relatives didn’t pay and that there were six additional people on a waiting list in the event someone cancelled.

Hosking told Upton she was going to pay for her relative’s trip and after a meeting with Isabella County Administrator Margaret McAvoy, Hosking was accused of getting on her work computer and altering the paperwork to show that her relative was not on the waiting list in an attempt to show the $129 trip ticket was extra, according to court documents.

Hosking was also accused of altering the “profit sheet” to show less money and indicate that her relative did not go on the trip, according to court documents.

In another case, Hosking was accused of allowing a friend to go on a trip with a $48 discount on tickets without permission, according to court records.

After meeting with McAvoy, Hosking was handed a one-week suspension and told she could not be on the COA grounds, according to court records.

However, Hosking “talked Upton into letting her go to the COA the night of the 14th of February” to finish the COA newspaper, according to court documents.

Hosking stayed for a little more than an hour and was accused of changing profit sheets, manifests, seating charts, sign up sheets, sign ins, parade seats, seat labels, menus and rosters, according to court documents.

All of the documents were changed between 5:53 and 6:30 p.m. that day, while Hosking was in the building, according to court documents.

Hosking wrote a check for $596 on Feb. 14 to the COA for four tickets to “Mama Mia” that she allowed relatives and another person to attend without buying tickets, according to court documents.