NES-Console-Set |(wikipedia/Nintendo)

At 31 I don’t play video games like I used to, but I still play every now and then. However, these new games are so complex and confusing I don’t know where to start. That got me thinking about buying a old Nintendo and some games. I’ve done this in the past, but the issue was that the Nintendo was so old, it just didn’t work well. I spent more time trying to get the game to work than playing the game.  Then when the game would work, it would freeze after a short period of time. Then I found the solution as the internet came to the rescue.

There are now knock-off Nintendo’s, Sega’s, and Atari’s out there. The best part..they are cheap and work well. To buy an old Nintendo in great condition can cost well over $50 and sometimes a lot more.

FC Twin | (

Several years ago I bought a FC Twin, which plays regular Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. There are some complications with random games here and there, but it is in essence a brand new Nintendo. The great part is…you can get all three in one! That is right there is a game system that plays Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo games all on one console it is called the Retron N 3, as well as many other models.
The point is, if you are like me and like playing video games, but don’t have the time to master these insanely difficult games.  You have an option.. That is to ride the nostalgia train all the way to Super Mario Land on your cheap knock off game system.