Gaming is a very big deal these days; ESPN even carries competitive gaming as a sport on their networks. The two big consoles on the market are Microsoft’s Xbox and the Sony PlayStation. The two have been going at it competitively in the gaming market for years now. With the next generation consoles the battle is hotter than ever, the battle between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 1 rages on.

Microsoft earlier this year released a thinner more compact and sleek version of the Xbox One to rave reviews. Since the release of the original Xbox 1 fans have wanted a smaller and more compact version of the console. And they got their wish with the Xbox One S. Because of the rivalry between the two companies everyone was waiting for Sony’s response with the PlayStation.

Well there are rumors swirling that Sony will be releasing a slimmer, sleeker and more compact version of the PlayStation 4. Pictures of a new version of the PS4 have circulated online and according to the Wall Street Journal a second new version of the console that has 4K capabilities as well. Giving buyers a couple of different options for different budgets. Consoles can be expensive so giving folks a couple of choices depending on price is definitely the way to go.

Microsoft and Sony continue to go at it for the love and devotion of some of the most dedication buyers. Gamers are a dedicated community, they have their consoles they love, are you Team PlayStation or Team Xbox? The debate has ruined friendships and sparked heated debates. So it is no surprise that the two companies are duking it out again for the hard earned money of gamers. Two different slim and sleek new consoles are coming out, who will win out this time? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.