Tina & Shawn in the Morning (page)

Good Day!  Thank You for taking a few moments to drop by our newly developed webpage for everything TINA AND SHAWN IN THE MORNING!

We have alot of fun on the show, in case you happen to listen to us…and it’s going to continue to become more fun, with lots of cool things happening, all the time!

We wake ya up in the morning with “What’s Trending” – the latest in what’s happening in & around Mid-Michigan, and the rest of the world!

We play lots of fun songs from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and beyond. Our “Fun & Funky Song” Request Fridays are a big hit around Mid-Michigan. ONLY fun & happy songs to get you into your weekend!

Every radio station gives you the Hollywood News, but we give it to ya alot differently than most–PLUS, every so often, we do a CELEBRITY SLAP segment…we pick a celebrity that deserves to be called out. We tell you why we wanna slap them & then we just do it!

We love to highlight dumb people in the news with our “People Are Stupid” segment.

Since Tina is so smart (and Shawn is a smart–uh, aleck-lol), we drop “Nuggets of Knowledge” – interesting things that we learned about — and pass the information onto you!

We play games, have fun & just wake up Mid-Michigan, the FUN way!



  • She loves to sing Show Tunes
  • She auditioned for Second City Improv/Detroit (got called back; but didn’t make it)
  • She produced her 1st radio commercial in the 7th grade (It was for a clothing store..and, NO, she doesn’t have audio)
  • She does a mean Roseanne impression (just ask her when you see her..You’ll love it)
  • She can make owl sound effects with her hands


  • He was 8 years old when he decided he wanted to pursue radio as a dream career (yes, he’s not right-lol)
  • He was 14 when he got his first radio gig, writing & producing news on a classic country station (1989)
  • He’s lived in Ohio, West Virginia, South Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio (again), Indiana and Michigan (once again) all within 15 years.
  • He won a poetry award when he was a freshman in high school (yes, he’s a romantic)
  • He lost his dad when he was 14 (very sad); but has a deeply rooted faith in God