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Congrats to Our Mom is the Bomb Winner Jolene Sweet

My Mom is the Bomb Jolene Sweet

Here at My 1043, we know how much you love your Mom. We want to thank all of you for sharing your stories of why your Mom is the bomb.

However, we could only pick one Mom to rise above the rest as our 2017 Mom’s the Bomb winner. Congratulations to our winner Jolene Sweet! Here’s what Jolene’s daughter Caity had to say about her Mom:

My mom, Jolene Sweet, is definitely the most Bomb mom in all the land. The first two things that come to mind: she is genuinely a good human being and a dang good time! Her unwavering support throughout my life has meant more to me than I can ever put into words, so I hope I can “pay” her back a little by helping her win an amazing prize pack.
She worked two jobs while raising my brother & me as a single parent, but always supported me in my athletic endeavors and academics, waking up early to make me French toast on game days, drive across the state to basketball games or horse shows, and help me wash my horse, pigs, sheep, etc. for fair. As I grew older, we took yearly camping trips which always led to some mishap or adventure that we can laugh back at now, like when we went mountain biking at Hartwick Pines in October. One would think we’d be confident mountain bikers to take on a 3-5 mile trip back in the woods on a sandy trail. Nope – we’re not mountain bikers. Not in the least. We even had to borrow bikes. We’re just two adventure loving gals. There was a lot of cursing and threatening to just sit down and “Go get the truck, I’m not going any further” from her, but also several belly laughs and great memories.
My mom is the Bomb because she has always valued making memorable experiences with us and helping us become our own person. I chose a career path that many people questioned and said “Oh, shouldn’t you just get a business degree?” Not my mom – she supported me 100% and my nerdy love for museums and anthropology. I now have my Master’s degree and a great job as Museum Educator at CMU. She had my back every single day of my academic career, listening to me vent when I needed, and telling the nay-sayers to “shut it”.
Finally, my mom is the Bomb because she taught my brother and me to be accepting of others and a kind, loving person. I learned very early from her to smile and say hi to strangers that you pass on the street or sidewalk, to not judge someone by their skin color, sexuality, or religion, and to open your home when someone is in need. Overall, I am so grateful for the wonderful friendship my mom and I share. We went to an Elle King concert in Detroit last October and we rocked out hard, dancing and singing all night. It was easily one of my top concert experiences ever and top favorite memories with her. So not only is my mom a genuine good person who has supported me through thick and thin, she is a badass bomb chick who can rock out at an Elle King concert with the best of them!

Jolene wins a prize pack with all of the following goodies:

Thanks again to everyone for writing, and congrats Jolene!