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Mid-Michigan Educator Accused of Inappropriate Behavior

  A long-time mid-Michigan educator is on leave from his teaching position at Vestaburg Community Schools pending a State Police investigation into allegations of inappropriate relations with a student in that district. The investigation of...

Docs Against Crocs

  Doctors are now saying what we have always thought: Crocs are bad for your health! Tina talks about it this morning on That Show! Plus, Canada changing national anthem into something gender-neutral, Miss USA...

Movie Review: ‘The Revenant’

So, went to see The Revenant today. Here is my unsolicited review--lol--read further at your own risk: Although the cinematography was breath-taking and the initial scenes were exciting and important, I'm still not sure what...
legislature michigan laws

New Michigan Laws Go Into Effect For 2016

If pulled over, you won't need that piece of paper to show you're insured in Michigan! That and other new Michigan laws take effect in the new year. Here's a break-down of how they...

Mom Steals Halloween Candy

Listen, I've been known to "examine" my children's Halloween candy, you know, for safety reasons. But, this video takes the cake....er.....candy! Some of the children before her need to teach her some manners. Geesh.
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Promposals Cost Teens Thousands

Back in the 1980's, when I walked the halls of high school, there were two big dances where you went "all out": Homecoming and Prom. Back in the 1980's, if you paid $100 to...
ARK Development animal terminal

Animal Terminal Coming To JFK Airport

It's lovingly called 'The ARK' and it's exactly what you'd expect..a safe haven for pets. However, this isn't just a pet resort, it's a project that has been in the making for 10 years....