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Delta Releases The Most Obnoxious Safety Video Ever

Boring as it may be, the safety lecture, or safety video that we all must suffer through before takeoff on any flight is important. While most of us will never need to put our...
chris squire yes

Chris Squire From ‘Yes’ Has Leukemia

Fans of 70s prog rock band Yes were dealt a rough blow this week when the band announced that founding bassist Chris Squire will not join the band for this summer's co-headlining tour with...
math kid

Can You Solve This Math Problem?

If you thought The Dress was frustrating, you might meet your match here. A math question for Singapore high school students has gone viral with people scratching their heads and questioning their logic alike. Observe: Stumped?...
Cincinnati opening day

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Opening Day

Opening Day spells the beginning of the spring season here in Michigan, with renewed hope for our weather and our baseball team. With traditions like Ernie's famous Voice of the Turtle, and the drouths...
selfie stick

Music Festivals Ban Selfie Stick

Going to a music festival this summer? Leave the selfie stick at home. That's the word from the organizers of Coachella and Lollapalooza (Bonnaroo, we're waiting on you...), two of the most popular music...
london to new york road trip

Who’s Ready For a 13,000 Mile Road Trip?

What has only been possible until now by plane or by sea may soon become the world's longest road trip. Russian Railways president Vladimir Yakunin proposed a 6,200 mile road that would span Russia's...
marrakech morocco trip advisor travelers choice

TripAdvisor Names Travelers’ Choice Destinations

Popular travel resource website TripAdvisor has released their list of the world's top travel destinations, and for the first time Morocco's Marrakech was named the top destination in the world. The committee cited Marrakesh's...
child surfing internet on tablet

20 Year Old Newsweek Article Gets Internet Dead Wrong

Yes, the Internet was a very different place in 1995, so it was almost forgivable to be skeptical about the future of the world wide web. But with lines such as "the network is...

Weather Man Responds Perfectly To Crazy Map

If you've ever worked in the media industry, you quickly learn that technical difficulties are just part of the game. This weather man is no exception. How you respond, though, is the mark of...

GoDaddy Pulls Upcoming Big Game Ad

GoDaddy is officially out this Super Bowl Sunday! After releasing their ad for the big game earlier this week (a spoof of the Budweiser Puppy Love ad) the company has faced plenty of scrutiny...