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Friendly Reminder: Clean The Ice Off Your Car PLEASE!

Admittedly, every one of us here has been running late for work in the morning only to discover a giant sheet of snow and/or ice sitting on our car and simply driving away because...

What 10 Years of Music Looked Like In 1992

Kids today might not even believe it, but music was once a joy only obtained through physical, space-consuming, and profitable means. But times have changed. There's a reason why that CD tower, or that...

Bye Bye Windshield Ice

File this under the category of 'Why didn't we think of this?' Check out this super simple (and super cheap) method for getting rid of windshield ice For Tina and myself at least, and our early...

The Science Behind Your Grilled Cheese

Here's everything and more you could have ever wanted to know about that grilled cheese you had for lunch today. Enjoy!
bill murray christmas specialvideo

Bill Murray Christmas Special Features Plenty of Celebrities

Rejoice Internet and Hollywood! The long-teased Bill Murray Christmas special is soon to be a reality. Murray released the trailer for the special which is set to premiere on December 4th exclusively on Netflix....
chuck e. cheese advertising campaign photo

Dear Parents: Chuck E. Cheese is After You

Wine for the Moms, and beer for the Dads. Oh, and pizza that doesn't taste like it was scraped off the floor of a New York City subway station. This is what well-known kids...

Check Out This Hot New Track From…Honey Boo Boo?

Everyone's favorite reality show star/punchline Honey Boo Boo is back for her next 15 minutes in the spotlight. This time, the 10-year-old isn't showing off her pagent skills, or showing us her down home...

Delta Releases The Most Obnoxious Safety Video Ever

Boring as it may be, the safety lecture, or safety video that we all must suffer through before takeoff on any flight is important. While most of us will never need to put our...
chris squire yes

Chris Squire From ‘Yes’ Has Leukemia

Fans of 70s prog rock band Yes were dealt a rough blow this week when the band announced that founding bassist Chris Squire will not join the band for this summer's co-headlining tour with...
math kid

Can You Solve This Math Problem?

If you thought The Dress was frustrating, you might meet your match here. A math question for Singapore high school students has gone viral with people scratching their heads and questioning their logic alike. Observe: Stumped?...