Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford, despite an injury, led the Detroit Lions to a 20-17 comeback win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 11th, 2016. / (Mike Mulholland |

Going into the game, one had to think it would be all Lions…Detroit fighting to stay in the playoff hunt and needing some help.  Cincinnati, out of the playoffs with a lot of Bengals scheduling off season plans.  So what happens, Detroit lays a bit of an egg, not a terrible performance, but far from good.  A very far cry from the clutch performance you would like to see in a do or die situation.

To make matters worse, Cincinnati had been playing terrible.  This was their first win in the month of December and their last victory was over the 0-15 Browns.  If their is a bright spot to the season, it is the Browns.  If they lose next week they will join the Dan Orlovsky lead Lions as the only 0-16 teams in NFL history.  It can be noted that this Browns team will go down as the worst ever… and phew it will be good for a little of the 08 stink out of the history books.

As far as the future goes…We have maybe 8 to 10 more years of Matt Stafford.  He isn’t going to be the greatest of all-time, but he is a Hall of Fame QB.   Detroit’s front office needs to give Stafford more help for next year.  He is the greatest QB in franchise history, and it would be a dang shame if he never got to win a Super Bowl, or even a playoff game. Stafford has proven that he can lead a game winning drive, but I don’t have a clue of what he could do with a running game and a solid defense.

The Lions haven’t won a super bowl ever, and I was too young to remember their last playoff win, but I still love my Lions through and through. I just hope next year brings different results than the disappointing showing this past  weekend.