Former Weinstein Assistant Calls Him A ‘Monster’

Zelda Perkins knows more about Harvey Weinstein than we ever could. When she was in her early 20s in the mid-90s, she was the disgraced mogul’s personal assistant. We told you she broke her nondisclosure back in October to detail the harassment she experienced and witnessed and now she’s got more to say.

In case you missed it, Perkins refers to Weinstein as a “repulsive monster” and a “master manipulator” who was also “very exciting” to be around.

She also explains that she left the company after Weinstein allegedly tried to rape her colleague at the Venice Film Festival. Since Zelda and this unidentified woman didn’t go to the police in Italy and didn’t have any physical evidence, they were told they didn’t have a case and that their credibility would be attacked in court.

instead, in 1998 a 24-year-old Zelda and her former coworker signed a nondisclosure agreement that included a $330-thousand settlement they split.

Source: BBC