Cole Hamels

Many athletes performances can make one feel better.  Watching sports can take you out of your shoes for a couple hours and bring you into a different world where all you think about is your team.  For those having a rough day or week the couple hours that they can root for their favorite teams and athletes can be very therapeutic.

Then some of those athletes take it a step further and meet their fans and help out in their own communities.  A lot of bad press gets covered for pro athletes, but not enough good deeds are seen.  For all the smack that has been talked about former lion defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, he has done a lot to help out the communities that he has grown up in and lives in now…It is great to see athletes giving.  Then Cole Hamels takes it to a whole new level.

Hamels recently donated his $9 million dollar mansion to people with special needs.  I am not sure if the home will be used to house special needs individuals or if the house will be auctioned, but it touches my heart that a man would give up his home to help others.  Yeah athletes make a lot of money, but $9 million????  That is a lot of money to the richest people in the world, let alone a baseball player who will only be payed for ten to fifteen years in their career.

I encourage everyone to give when they can where they can, just even opening a door for someone can make a difference in their day.  As far as Cole Hamels…He is officially my favorite baseball player from this day forward.