It’s almost a new year and time to start New Year’s Resolutions, for a week or two.  Every year I attempt to eat better and workout out more, but it seems to last for a week; or if I am highly motivated a month.  Maybe 2018 will be different I am sure I will make a trip to the store to stock up on fruits and veggies at some point in January, but the goal is for that trend to continue for an entire year.  We here is to another year of trying, according to these 10 resolutions will be the most popular in 2018.

  • Improve your fitness
  •  Eat Better
  • Quit smoking
  • Quit drinking
  • Learn something new
  • Travel more
  • Volunteer
  •  Meet Someone
  • Sleep more
  • Get out of debt

All of these sound like things that I need to do in 2018, I think if I can accomplish one of these, 2018 will be a great year!!  Good luck to everyone on their own New Years Resolutions!