Frankenmuth Exit Sign (Flickr)

Recently Frankemuth made national news being named one of the best Christmas towns in America.  That is no suprise to someone who grew up in Mid MIchigan, but with cities like New Orleans, LA, and New York making the list it is certainly something for the city of around 5000 people to brag about.

Ornaments at Bronner’s

It all begins and ends with Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, and endless store of Christmas..well anything Christmas.  It is the worlds largest Christmas store. Well that should be reason enough for Frankenmuth to be on the list, however Frankenmuth has more to offer than the world’s largest Christmas store.

Zender’s Splash Village also offers fun in the winter via an indoor water park, one of the largest indoor water parks in the country.  Fortunately for us in Mt Pleasant we have our own wonderful indoor water park with Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel.  However, if you find yourself in Frankenmuth Zender’s is a must stop.

Soaring Eagle Water Park and Hotel Mt Pleasant Mi

If Frankemuth doesn’t seem to float your boat many local towns in Michigan have their own special ways of celebrating Christmas, another town in Mid Michigan that is great for a holiday visit is Ashley, for their Country Christmas!  Find a list of Michigan Christmas celebrations here!