Takei and Dreyfuss Deny Harrassment Accusations

Sexual Harrassment allegations continue in Hollywood

We can add George Takei and Richard Dreyfuss to the growing list of men accused of inappropriate sexual conduct. The “Star Trek” star took to Twitter on Saturday to deny that he’d ever groped Scott R. Brunton, while the “Mr. Holland’s Opus” star was completely shocked that the flirting he did with Jessica Teich wasn’t consensual.

Brunton told The Hollywood Reporter that he was 23 when Takei – who was in his 40s – took advantage of him in 1981. Takei had taken the male model out to comfort him after he and his boyfriend broke up. They ended up back at Takei’s place when he said one drink too many caused him to pass out. When he woke up, he says his pants were around his ankles and George was groping him. After telling him he didn’t want that, he left.

As for Jessica, the Los Angeles-based writer was 23 when she worked as a researcher and junior writer on a TV passion-project with Richard – who was 12 years older, married with a child – in the mid-1980s. She said he harassed her and even exposed himself to her at that time. Dreyfuss – who counts Jessica as a longtime friend – thought his actions were part of a “consensual seduction ritual.” He did, however, deny exposing himself to her.

  • Both Brunton and Teich decided to go public with their stories after hearing both men take offense at some other harassment claims. Brunton heard Takei speak out against the Harvey Weinstein situation in a radio interview, and Teich saw Dreyfuss support his son, Harry, after the young man went public with his Kevin Spacey allegations. Takei’s denials came on Twitter over the weekend. He’s deeply hurt by the allegations, which he said didn’t happen.
  • ONE MORE THING! While Takei may deny everything…an old interview with Howard Stern is coming back to bite him. When asked if he’d ever grabbed anyone against their will, he appears to admit that he did, saying – “Some people are kind of skittish, or maybe, um, uh, afraid, and you’re trying to persuade.” When asked if he did “this grabbing at work.” Takei replied that he hadn’t. “It was either in my home,” he added. “Or they came to my home.”