More Allegations for Kevin Spacey

News Anchor Claims Actor Assaulted Her Son

A former Boston TV anchor was among those accusing actor Kevin Spacey of a sexual assault. At the time, she said it was a family member – but now we know who. Heather Unruh says her son is among those who can say they were victimized by Spacey.

Unruh said the incident happened in Nantucket, Massachusetts in July of 2016 at a bar. Unruh says her then-18-year-old son was excited to meet the actor and “had no idea Spacey was a sexual predator,” which is why the young man drank the night away with Spacey. It was when Unruh’s son was completely sloshed that she says the evening took a dark turn – and that Spacey stuck his hand down the young man’s pants and assaulted him.

He apparently told his family everything that night. Unruh and her attorney say a police report has been filed with Nantucket police officials. Unruh described her son as strong, but the sexual assault is “always there.” To Spacey, Unruh offered: “Shame on you for what you did to my son.”

Source: Boston Globe