The New Amazon Key

The Amazon key is a brand new way to have your packages delivered, usually with all deliveries your package or packages are dropped of on your door step or porch. With this new Amazon key you can have your package delivered inside your house, Amazon has invented a camera and bar code scanning system for the delivery person so that it allows you to let them unlock your door and drop your package inside your house.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is the main piece of this whole new delivery system, it’s a home security camera that responds to voice commands just like the other well known Amazon product called “Alexa”. The huge question that is raised with all of this is can Amazon monitor your house all the time and be able to know when the right time to unlock your door and not to, this is putting a lot of trust into Amazon and will people be willing to let this big company have access to unlocking your house.

The purchasing is pretty simple, you can order the whole bulk package for $249.99, the package includes a smart lock, the cloud cam, and a free installation of the product. Since Amazon is only trusting their own delivery team with this new delivery system, this will only be available in 37 states but the company hopes to expand to all states in the near future. Amazon Prime members are also the only ones who can use this new system, so if you would like to try this out you will have to first get Prime.