photo courtesy of Kullen Logsdon Digital First Media

article courtesy of The Morning Sun

A 21-year-old Farwell man was jailed Sunday after deputies sent for a domestic assault saw him jump out a bedroom window, disappear and later crash his car while a squad car chased him.

Deputies arrived in the area in northeast Isabella County just after 10:30 a.m.

“When deputies arrived, they witnessed a male suspect exit a bedroom window and flee on foot,” said Isabella Sheriff Micheal Main. “Deputies were unable to locate him as he fled the residence.”

Deputies stayed in the area of the home he fled – in the 3000 block of West Bawkey Road in Gilmore Township – and later spotted the car he was known to own.

“Eventually a deputy observed a vehicle that was owned by the suspect in the domestic assault at a nearby intersection,” Main said. “As the deputy attempted to stop the vehicle it fled for a short distance before crashing and rolling over.”

The driver was momentarily unconscious but then awoke and let a deputy into the car.

“The deputy could not gain access to the driver, so a window was attempted be broken out,” Main said. “As the deputy was doing this the man woke up and unlocked the door.”

After being taken to an emergency room for treatment of minor injuries, the man was arrested.

The deputy sustained minor cuts and bruises while trying to get into the car and was also treated at an emergency room.