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A woman was sentenced up to 20 years behind bars for locking her disabled sister in a closet with little food, water, or clothing.

Candy Lawson was sentenced 10 to 15 years for charges of unlawful and vulnerable adult abuse.

Lawson received a 40 to 60-month sentence on the embezzlement for a vulnerable adult charge.

Lawson was found guilty on Sept. 25.

Police visited Lawson’s home two years ago to check on the welfare of her sister.

Police said they discovered 42-year-old Dianna Churchill, who is deaf and had other “cognitive and physical impairments,” had been locked in a small closet at a home in Corunna.

Prosecutors said she was forced to live in a 4×8 foot closet and was given very little food and water, and just a bucket for a bathroom. Investigators said Dianna was just over 70 pounds when she was found.

Police suspect it could have been going on for seven years.