A Gwen Christmas Album May Be Coming

Gwen also reveals Blake's fave holiday song

Gwen Stefani just released the new holiday album “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” and she tells “Billboard” she got the idea to make the record while out for a run on boyfriend Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch.

“What if I did write a Christmas song? What would it be?” she thought and soon she wrote her first holiday tune, “Christmas Eve.”

Gwen says she’s wanted to make a Christmas album “for years” but could never find the time, but after finishing her last album “This Is What Truth Feels Like” she decided to go for it. “It was really a whim,” she says. “The way it works is you have to get it done really early, and I had no idea that I would be able to write so quickly, because I’m such a slow writer. It just came right out. I did six songs in three sessions.”

Gwen says her beau is jealous of the tune “Christmas Eve,” telling her, “This song is so incredible. I’d die for this song. I want to record this song for my record.” Blake actually did record the song with his band, as well as with kids from Children’s Hospital of Nashville. “The kids are singing on it, and when you hear the lyrics to the song and the kids singing it really takes on a whole new meaning,” she says. “So, I think that’s a pretty Christmas-y miracle.”

Source: Billboard