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Chris Top 5 Lions (of my life time)

As long as I can remember life I can remember the Detroit Pistons and Lions…I love all Detroit sports, but the lions and the pistons are the two sports teams closest to my heart (wow that sounds cheezy).  Anywho, that had me thinking who are the best lions of all-time?  With the rough stretch in the 2000’s if you look at any all-time team it consists of guys from looooong ago, but who are the best in my time, essentially since the early 90’s?

Here is my top 5 list (it would be easy to throw Jason Hanson in here, but I am sticking with position players)

Ndamukong Suh NFL

5) Ndamukong Suh, DT I was upset initially when the lions didn’t resign the man in the middle of our defense, but Hloti Ngata has filled in quite nicely since Suh signed that monstrous deal with the Dolphins. He may have been a hot head, may have gotten dumb penalties, but when he was with Detroit he was no doubt the best defensive tackle in the NFL, and he may be the best defensive player that the lions have ever had!  Just go look at lions defensive numbers for the years he was with the team.

Herman Moore

4) Herman Moore, Poor guy he would without a doubt be the lions best receiver of all-time if it were’t for Calvin Johnson.  Moore and Brett Perriman were the first receiver combo to each have 100 plus catches in a season.  He was also the second player in NFL history to record 3 100 catch season behind only Jerry Rice.  Essentially Herman Moore was a poor mans Calvin Johnson…He had all the tools Calvin did, except that blazing speed.  Herman Moore finished his career with 670 receptions, over 9000 yards and 62 TD’s!

Calvin Johnson

3) Clavin Johnson, Would he still be Detroit’s best reciever? I think so…Even though he retired early…What he did was undeniable.  He still holds the record for recieveing yards in a season with 1964!  In just 9 years Calvin had 731 catches for 11619 yards and 83 TD’s.  Megatron was a fitting name as Johnson was 6’5″ 240 pounds and was one of the fastest players in the leauge.

2) Matthew Stafford,  It’s time to appreciate Stafford for what he is…the greatest QB in

Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford, despite an injury, led the Detroit Lions to a 20-17 comeback win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 11th, 2016. / (Mike Mulholland |

franchise history and it isn’t close.  After struggling with injuries his first two years Stafford has been one of the best QB’s in the NFL.  Coming into this year Stafford had averaged 278 yards per game…That is the highest total for any QB in NFL history through the first 100 games of their career!!  He also is one of five QB’s to throw for 500 yards in a season and is the fastest QB in NFL history to 30,000 yards passing!  Don’t fret about that big contract…He is worth it and right now, who else would you want playing QB for this team?  I can’t think of anyone else!


1)Barry Sanders, rather than words, just watch this video of not only the greatest lion of all-time, but maybe the greatest football player of all-time!