story courtesy of mlive.com:

The afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 5, Bay County sheriff’s deputies responded to McLaren Bay Region hospital where a 40-year-old woman was receiving treatment for injuries sustained in an assault that had occurred at her home in the 2800 block of East Wheeler Road in Monitor Township. She had multiple severe, bloody lacerations to her arms and legs, her right foot was blood-soaked, and her face bore chemical burns. Doctors told the deputies they believed the tendons atop her right foot were torn, police reports contained in court files state.

The woman told deputies that that morning, she confronted her live-in boyfriend of four years, 48-year-old Karl F. Ostrander, of having smoked her last two cigarettes. Ostrander denied her accusations, grew angry and began throwing plates and cups throughout the house, the woman said.

She added Ostrander has attacked her before, but never gets in trouble because he lost an arm and a leg in an electrical accident and is in a wheelchair.

Ostrander proceeded to threaten the woman with an arm of his wheelchair, then grabbed an aerosol can and sprayed it in her face, burning her eyes and skin, she said. When she went to wash her eyes with water, Ostrander threw glass cups on the floor, breaking them and causing his girlfriend to step in shards of glass and cut her feet, she told deputies.