Forest Hill Nature Area
(Forest Hill Nature Area)

I love our parks in Mount Pleasant, the way they connect and intertwine is awesome, you can start in Island Park and wind up at Chip-a-waters park! However, sometimes you want to be engulfed in nature. That is when I like to take the short trek to The Forest Hill Nature Area! Located on Rich Road (Summerton Rd becomes Rich Rd) between Shepherd and Alma, The Forest Hill Nature Area provides locals with beautiful trails through 90 acres of woods, open fields, wetlands, and rolling hills.

Forest Hill Nature Area
Local Kids studying at Grebe Pond. / (Forest Hill Nature Area)

While at Shepherd High School we would make field trips to the nature area for environmental science class. They were always a great time as those field trips provided hands on experience! While in those environmental science classes we cleaned tombstones at Brady Cemetery, took water samples from the streams and marshes. We also examined bird and insect populations. The Forest Hill staff hosts field trips from many local schools!

Since graduation, I often take trips to Forest Hill Nature Area. Whether to watch the sunset, listen to the frog’s croak over mallard marsh, or watch a thunderstorm from the observatory deck the Forest Hill Nature Area is a great place to spend an evening. If you are looking for an area to run or walk that is different than our great parks in Mount Pleasant check out the trails at Forest Hill Nature Area, that take you through woods, wetlands, and open meadows.

Forest Hill Nature Area
Brady Cemetery. / (Forest Hill Nature Area)

Make sure to hike to Brady cemetery, don’t be scared, it is a historic cemetery with beautiful views and very old tombstones! The best part of this nature area is that it is open to the public 24/7/365. A trip to see the stars at night is highly recommended. With no street lights for miles, the stars illuminate the skies.

If you are an educator and would like to schedule a field trip for more info email or call 989-763-5810