Mayor Blasts Sexist Emailer In Austin Texas over Wonder Woman Screening

Wonder Woman is under attack!

A citizen in Texas, upset over a women’s only screening of Wonder Woman in Austin, emailed the Mayor of the city and was quickly shut down. Richard A. Ameduri in part of his email, lamented that he hoped “The theater that pandered to the sexism typical of women will regret it’s decision.” Ameduri went on to challenge the mayor to “Name something invented by a woman!” And threatened that if there weren’t offered a ‘men only counter event’, he would never step foot in Austin again. Mayor Steve Adler responded in part:

“Dear Mr. Ameduri,

I am writing to alert you that your email account has been hacked by an unfortunate and unusually hostile individual. Please remedy your account’s security right away, lest this person’s uninformed and sexist rantings give you a bad name. After all, we men have to look out for each other!

Can you imagine if someone thought that you didn’t know women could serve in our combat units now without exclusion? What if someone thought you didn’t know that women invented medical syringes, life rafts, fire escapes, central and solar heating, a war-time communications system for radio-controlling torpedoes that laid the technological foundations for everything from Wi-Fi to GPS, and beer? And I hesitate to imagine how embarrassed you’d be if someone thought you were upset that a private business was realizing a business opportunity by reserving one screening this weekend for women to see a superhero movie.”

To read the entire letter…click here. Does anyone wish Mr. Ameduri would say these words to Lucy Lawless, Lynda Carter, and Black Widow to their faces? Lol.