Michigan speed limit increase

Your local commute, or summer road trip, might get a little faster next week. A Michigan speed limit increase, passed by the state legislature, officially goes into effect on May 1st. The new speed limits impact several rural sections of major freeways and highways. Expect a bump to 75 mph speed limits on select freeways, and 65 mph on select state highways.

Locally, the Michigan speed limit increase impacts U.S. 127 the most. The freeway stretch between I-69 and St Johns in Ingham County, and between Ithaca and I-75 increase to 75 mph. However, the divided highway section between Ithaca and St Johns remains at 65 mph. The section of U.S. 10 between Bay City and M-115 also sees an increase to 75 mph.

But for those, like myself, who enjoy traveling to the upper peninsula, the speed limit increase comes as welcome news. I-75 becomes a 75 mph road between Bay City and Sault Ste. Marie, with the exception of the Mackinac Bridge, of course. Also, many major highways in the upper peninsula, like U.S. 2 and M-28 see an increase to 65 mph.

The State of Michigan posted a map highlighting all of the increased speed limits motorists can expect on May 1st. But as always, please exercise caution on our roads, and stay safe out there!