Michigan statewide tornado drill

The Michigan State Police want residents and municipalities to join them in a statewide tornado drill on Wednesday, April 19th at 1:00PM. The annual drill comes as part of Michigan’s severe weather awareness week. But if severe weather actually occurs on Wednesday, the drill moves to Thursday, April 20th at 1:00PM. And at this time, severe weather might be in the forecast.

Nearly all state of Michigan facilities plan to participate in the statewide tornado drill. Businesses and families are encouraged to take part as well. The drill provides an opportunity to establish a safety plan should an actual tornado occur. Also, the state plans to send an EAS test to local broadcasters, including us at My 1043.

Several residents asked us about sirens. Well, according to the state of Michigan:

In Michigan, outdoor warning sirens are independently controlled by local officials in townships, villages, cities and counties, varying by community. Many communities have different plans, procedures, and requirements for sounding sirens. This may prevent some communities from activating their sirens during the tornado drill.

Often times, the National Weather Service relies on spotters and local law enforcement to determine the degree of danger individual severe weather events pose. Therefore, police advise residents to use a NOAA Weather Radio (or app) for the most up-to-date info during severe weather outbreaks.

Consider following some of these safety tips to keep your family safe in a tornado. And, visit the state of Michigan tornado safety page for additional info.

Did you know Michigan has its own tornado alley? Check it out!