Well today was my last day as an intern here at my1043. Looking back on my time here I have learned so much. I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Matt and Tina. The two of them are kind and fun loving people and made this experience more than just an internship. They made me feel like one of the team and they included me in the show.

Coming in to this experience I didn’t think they would actually put me on the air, but they threw me into the fire and put me on the air my first day. I had the opportunity to work on the show, coming up with content to put out there and had the opportunity to be creative and do it the way I wanted to, something I did not expect. Tina and Matt had the faith in me and I appreciate them for that.

I have had the opportunity to write all of these blog posts and even recorded news for a later airing. All of that on top of being able to be on the air will definitely help me in the process of finding an actual job in the radio industry. The fact that I was able to put to use the skills I learned in college and fine tune my craft is awesome and I’m sure it will help me in the long run.

In all I would just like to say, thank you Tina and Matt, thank you to all of you listeners as well. I hope I brought a smile to your face and made you laugh at least once. It’s been an amazing experience and it has definitely been worth waking up at 4 AM to be able to learn and grow as well as entertain all of the listeners. This is my last post as an intern at my1043. Thanks again to Tina, Matt, my1043 and all of you listeners. This is Intern T-Bone signing off.