Working in the service industry is a tough job sometimes. Mostly because of the people who can be quite a hassle sometimes. Well I recently took on a job as a gas station cashier and in that line of work you meet some interesting folks. In my blog post today I’ve decided to give you a list of the top 5 most interesting customers I’ve had come in while I was working. Trust me by the end of this blog you’ll laugh, and may even shed a tear.

1. Drunk Florida Man- I think the name of this guy speaks for itself. He came in at about 10 PM talking about how drunk he was, don’t worry he wasn’t driving. He bought a pack of cigarettes and wanted a lighter. He was very upset that we didn’t carry an Auburn University lighter. He then proceeded to pretend to steal the lighter and say, “I don’t want to go back to prison again, don’t worry I didn’t go to prison for robbing a gas station, just drunk driving.” He then paid for his stuff and left into the night with his budding driving of course.

2. 4 Heart Attacks- This next guy came in having a conversation with a woman. So I stand there waiting while they are conversing. The woman is talking about a friend she has who has just had a 4th heart surgery. The man turns to her and says that’s nothing, I’ve had 4 heart attacks without surgery and I’m still kicking. Their conversation ends they both buy a pack of cigarettes and head out the door.

3. Lottery Man- This next guy comes in and says little to nothing to me. All he usually says is pack of Marlboro’s, he then proceeds to buy a ton of lottery tickets with various numbers and it takes forever to put them in. The last time he came in during a rush of people, so he was very upset that he had to wait so long.

4. Energy shots- Guy number 4 comes in every day and buys 6 of those energy shots, like 5-hour energy. From what I have been told by my fellow employees, he comes in three times a day and buys the same amount of those shots.

5. Too many lottery tickets guy- This guy came in one time with a very large stack of lottery tickets that I had to check, it took 20 minutes at least because other customers would come in and I would have to stop checking tickets and take care of them. When all was said and done he had 150 bucks worth of lottery winnings.

That is only 5 of the most interesting people to have come in to the station. I have had and will have many more and that is the best part of working at a gas station the people you meet.