Business software company Oracle has teamed up with the White House to donate money to help girls learn science, math and technology. Definitely a great cause, because the US is lacking in education, especially in these specific categories. Education is important, and if we want to improve society this is the right way to go.

In April the company donated over 200 million dollars to 1100 institutions to engage students in technology, science and math programs. Just this week Oracle has donated another 3 million bucks to focus the programs on women and girls worldwide. Oracle hopes that these programs will help get more women and girls involved with technology careers.

Because technology is so prevalent in our society we need more people involved in science and technology jobs. We also need more women in these careers, the jobs in the tech field are mostly male dominated and diversity in any aspect is a good thing. Educating everyone including women will only help us as a society and help our country.

The smarter your people are the better, disease will get cured, and new and amazing technology and inventions will come out as well. We really need to invest in and fund education something that we are lacking in these days. This is a good start but more needs to be done, lower tuition at colleges and make higher education affordable. That way we have educated folks who aren’t swimming in debt.

Oracle is doing and great thing and it is a great start. Hopefully other companies and the government will follow suit and realize that we need more money invested in education. To compete in the global job market and economy we must be more educated in science math and technology. Thank you Oracle let’s hope that this starts a great trend in funding science education.