odd landmarks in the u.s. blue horse statue
The terrifying blue horse statue with glowing red eyes that greets travelers at the Denver International Airport made the list of Odd Landmarks in the U.S. / (Eric Golub | Creative Commons)

Suprise suprise! Michigan made the list of states with odd landmarks in the U.S.! Random and weird sculptures that you just have to stop and take a picture with if you pass, well there’s quite a few of those here in the good old U.S. of A. Outside of Alpena Community College is a sculpture of Paul Bunyan, made from scrap car parts so it’s described as more of a weird looking iron man. My favorite is the last one on the list and is in Alabama. Its the Lady in the Lake, and literally a lady poking out of the lake. All you see is her head and knees peeping above the water and its pretty creepy.